New Motion B.V. is a manufacturer of conveyor, handling & palletising systems.
Since 2007, our team of 20 people has been enthusiastically working on your conveyors and palletisers from Middelburg, Zeeland (NL).
Our engineers will design your request in detail after which it is put into production in our own workshop. If required, we will set up and commission the conveyors and palletisers at your company as well.

75% of our conveyors are purchased by fellow OEM manufacturers. This is partly the reason that half of our production is intended for export. You can find our conveyors all over the world.

New Motion B.V. exclusively provides stainless steel products. You can find our conveyors throughout the entire production process, especially in food-related industries.
Our standardised fabric conveyors and the modular chain belt conveyors are ideal for end-of-line purposes. Other popular products are our stock items, such as the 90° bend conveyor and stainless steel rotating tables.

The New Motion Palletiser is especially well-suited for palletising boxes.

If you would like more information, then please contact our sales department by email: sales@new-motion.nl
or phone: +31(0)118 604 633.


In all cases where we act as a provider or a supplier, the Metaalunie terms and conditions apply to our offers, to orders to us and to agreements concluded with us.

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