The Belt Conveyor - Elevating (BC-E) series, is a hygienic solution to elevate your products.
BC-E is often applied in combination with vertical flow packers or to elevate products.
The belt is equipped with flights or ‘high friction’ belt unpackaged.
Together with different kind of side guiding it’s also possible to transport bulk material.

The conveyor can be configurated as Z-conveyor. In this case please inquire at sales@new-motion.nl for further information.

  • BC-E
  • BC-E
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Benieuwd hoe uw transporteur er uit komt te zien? Met de New Motion configurator kunt u zelf heel eenvoudig naar uw eigen wens een transporteur ontwerpen. Met behulp van de STEP-files, kunt u uw ontwerp eenvoudig inpassen in uw eigen huidige of gewenste layout.

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Standard lenght

Length base section (head + return + 1 bend) is 500 mm horizontal and 1.500mm inclining.

Effective belt width

200 mm 300 mm 400 mm 500 mm

Height belt surface

Inclination angle is variable and subject to testing with products.

Belt speed

Between 5 and 45 mtr/min. Other speeds on request.

Belt type

3 layer PU-belt, blue, food grade.

Transfer dimensions

Stainless steel 304 drive roller Ø60 mm equipped with vulcanised friction material. Stainless steel 304 reverse roller Ø50 mm.

Motor type

SEW motor plus reductor, type WA series, equipped with food grade oil.
PTC or Clixon on request.


Belt support made of stainless steel 304, P320 grinded.
Frame support made of stainless steel 304 beat blasted.