Belt Conveyor - Straight

The Belt Conveyor - Straight (BC-S) can be applied throughout the entire production process fromraw materials or bulk product to end-of-line. Specific values of these conveyors; hygienic design, industrial quality, food grade and standard components.

On request 1,001 conveyors are available. Varietes like high friction, smooth accumulating, grip profile or a felt belt belong to the possibilities. There is also a variety of transfer diameters, lengths, widths and lifting angles. We can construct the BC-S with speeds up to 90m / min.

  • BC-S
  • BC-S
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Curious what your conveyor will look like? The New Motion configurator helps you to customize your own design in a very easy way. By using the STEP-files, you can easily add your design to your current or desired layout.

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Standard belt length

1.000 mm 2.000 mm 3.000 mm

Standard belt width

200 mm 300 mm 400 mm 500 mm

Height belt surface

Till 1.100 mm (+/- 50 mm using stainless steel adjustable levelers Ø 80 mm.).Other heights on request.

Belt speed

Between 5 and 60 m/min. Other speeds on request.

Belt type

PU belt, 2 layers, anti-static, blue, food grade.

Transfer dimensions

Stainless steel drive drum Ø 60 mm f tted with friction material.Stainless steel reverse drum Ø 50 mm with stainless steel bearings.

Motor type

SEW motor plus reducer, type WA series, equipped with food grade oil. PTC or Clixon on request.


Side panels made of stainless steel 304 P320 grinded. Frame support made of beat blasted stainless steel 304.


BC-S: Option 1
Option 1
Stainless steel side guidings, Ø 12 mm, adjustable on both sides for 50 mm
BC-S: Option 2
Option 2
Mobile on 4 stainless steel castor wheels, Ø 125 mm with brake
BC-S: Option 3
Option 3
Stainless steel motor cover
BC-S: Option 4
Option 4
Operation switch in stainless steel shield with thermal motor protection
BC-S: Option 5
Option 5
Stainless steel control panel with frequency control, emergency stop relay, potentiometer, emergency-, start-, stop- and reset button
BC-S: Option 6
Option 6
Quick release for easier and better cleaning of the belt
BC-S: Option 7
Option 7
C-frame for a quick release of the belt