The Chain Conveyor - Straight (CC-S) & Chain Conveyor - Curved (CC-C) series, are mostly applied in the end-of-line sector. Often when the distances become longer or the speed become higher.

There is a large variety in chain types, which we can all apply on our conveyors. All these chain types are available in different widths.
The prices we show underneath are the most common examples.

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Standard lenght

1.000 mm 2.000 mm 3.000 mm.

Standard effective belt width

82,5 en 114,3 mm. Other widths on request.

Height belt surface

Up to 1100 mm (+/- 50 mm using stainless steel adjustable levelers Ø80 mm).
Other heights available on request.

Belt speed

Between 5 and 70 mtr/min. Other speeds on request.

Belt type

Low Friction Acetal Resin.

Transfer dimensions

Ø147 mm.


SEW motor plus gearbox, WA20 serie, foodgrade olie.
PTC or Clixon on request.


Side panels made of stainless steel 304, P320 grinded.
Frame support made of stainless steel 304 beat blasted.