Micro Pitch / ClearTrak

The Micro Pitch (MP) & ClearTrak (CT) series, are short conveyors with small transfer diameters.
These ‘transfer conveyors are mostly applied behind large transfer diameters by example in; helix conveyors, cooling towers, spiral freezers, oven belts, cool tunnels, etc.

The MP / CT is equipped with 2 solid HMPE nose bars and the drive unit is placed in the return part. No frame support available, but equipped with mounting brackets.

The Micro Pitch is an Modular Belt Conveyor suitable for solid nose bar Ø7 mm.
The ClearTrak is an stainless steel metal wire belt also suitable for solid nose bar Ø7 mm.

  • MP / CT
  • MP / CT
  • MP / CT
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Curious what your conveyor will look like? The New Motion configurator helps you to customize your own design in a very easy way. By using the STEP-files, you can easily add your design to your current or desired layout.

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Belt speed

Between 5 and 40 mtr/min. Other speeds on request.

Belt type MP

POM belt, blue, foodgrade.

Belt type CT

Stainless steel metal wire belt CTB/WG-PA.

Transfer dimensions

Solid HMPE nose bar Ø7 mm.

Motor type

SEW motor plus gearbox, WA20 serie, foodgrade olie.
PTC or Clixon on request.


Side panels made of stainless steel 304, P320 grinded.
Mounting brackets and support made of stainless steel 304 beat blasted.