The New Motion Palletiser (NMP) is well-suited for palletising boxes.

The Palletiser is displayed on Omron Electronic’s global website due to its innovative character and was nominated for the ‘Emergo Innovation Award’.

In the design of the NMP downtime reduction was very important. Therefor, the reliable H-bridge principle is applied for moving of the gantry. The mechanics are as simple as possible. By using, light curtains,
door switches, internal monitoring functions and the load cell, the machine is easily and safely accessible.
Downtime reduction is not only avoiding downtime, but also provide quick assistence. With the remote maintenance system and Ethernet, our engineers have acces to the PLC, the servos and the HMI.

Because of the Ewonrouter, firewalls are no obstacle for a secure connection. Through the IP camera, a live connection (with view) is possible. Primary diagnoses can easily be made by the operation by using the HMI or LED
The machine is easy to operate. You can create new stacking patterns, boxes and pallet types by yourself. A one-day training is optional, as well as our unique service contract (no unexpected costs).

Our catalog contains a number of layouts. The NMP is modularly designed, so you can create the most appropriate configuration of entrance and exit by yourself.
Please ask our sales team for futher advise about palletising in you project.

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Benieuwd hoe uw transporteur er uit komt te zien? Met de New Motion configurator kunt u zelf heel eenvoudig naar uw eigen wens een transporteur ontwerpen. Met behulp van de STEP-files, kunt u uw ontwerp eenvoudig inpassen in uw eigen huidige of gewenste layout.

Configurator Configurator



Boxes (closed, with tape or hot melt) till 25 kg.


Max 15 pick & place/min (depending on the application).

Standard gripper

Vacuum gripper with 6 cups segmented in 3 ‘low consumption’ venturis.
Including vacuum detection.

Standard stacking height

Till 2,200 mm. Other heights on request.
If the stacking height is 2,200 mm, the total height required is 4,485 mm.

Floor area

From 1,950 x 2,990 mm.

Stacking patterns

2 stacking patterns will be programmed and tested. Other stacking patterns are easy to program your selves.

Pallet dimensions

Suitable for all common types and sizes.


Powder coated steel, anodized aluminium mast, stainless steel levelers.

Other features

Load cell, LED thicker, eWon-router, IP-camera, direct drive rotation motor, Omron HMI-PLC-Servo Sysmac studio, A-brand components, product infeed conveyors.