Roller Conveyor

Our Roller Conveyor (RC), are mainly applied for the transportation and buffering of cartons and boxes.

New Motion offers three standard concepts:

• Chain drive with continuous chain under plastic sprockets, equipped with plastic rollers in a stainless steel frame.
• Poly-V driven by looping, ribbed belts on plastic pulleys, equipped with plastic rollers in stainless steel frame.
• Round belt drive through pulleys and belts and diabolo grooved rollers, equipped with galvanized rollers in a powdercoated frame.

The choice of the above systems is made, inter alia, on the basis of speeds, product weights, the distance that needs to be covered and the extent of accumulation. We like to advise you which of the following models best suits your situation.

• Roller Conveyor Motorised - Chain - Dynamic (RCM-C-D)
• Roller Conveyor Motorised - Chain - Static (RCM-C-S)
• Roller Conveyor Motorised - Chain - 90° Curved (RCM-C-C)
• Roller Conveyor Motorised - Poly-V - Dynamic (RCM-P-D)
• Roller Conveyor Motorised - Poly-V - Static (RCM-P-S)
• Roller Conveyor Motorised - Round belt - Dynamic (RCM-R-D)
• Roller Conveyor Gravity - Straight (RCG-S)
• Roller Conveyor Gravity - Curved (RCG-C)

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Curious what your conveyor will look like? The New Motion configurator helps you to customize your own design in a very easy way. By using the STEP-files, you can easily add your design to your current or desired layout.

Configurator Configurator


Standard roller lenght

500 mm. Other sizes on request.


Till 1.100 mm (+/- 50 mm using stainless steel adjustable levelers Ø80 mm).
Other heights on request.


Between 5 and 30 m/min.

Roller type

Accumulating carrier rollers, Ø50 mm. Anti-static bearing ring.
Steel bearings, steel flush pipe Ø50 x 1.5 mm.

Roller pitch

80 mm, other pitches on request.


Round belt drive with Ø5 mm string and diabolo pulley.

Motor type

SEW motor plus reducer, type WA series, equipped with food-grade oil.
Ptc or clixon on request.


Side panels and frame support in a two-layer powder coating.


RC: RC Option 1
RC Option 1
Stainless steel 304 low friction side guiding for accumulating purposes, adjustable on both sides for 50 mm.
RC: RC Option 2
RC Option 2
Product sensor Sick, placed between the rollers.
RC: RC Option 3
RC Option 3
Product stopper hinged between rollers, Festo cylinder and valve and Sick product sensor.
RC: Option 4
Option 4
Operation switch in stainless steel cover with thermal motor protection.